Hot Dox Base Kit (PCB + Case Only)

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The Hot Dox is more than a typical ErgoDox — it's the first ever hot-swap socket equipped ErgoDox DIY kit. This is a great way for newcomers and long-time hobbyists to enter the world of ergonomic mechanical keyboards.

Note: The Hot Dox Base Kit includes the Hot Dox PCB and the Hot Dox Case only. If you would like a full ready-to-go kit with switches and key caps, check out the Hot Dox Complete Kit.

hot-swap is the future

Swappable switches and the ErgoDox Hot Dox work together in a sandwich-inspired way. Have your keyboard any way you want it — you’re not locked into a single sound or feeling. Put in different switches at will. Use a lighter switch for your pinky fingers to improve ergonomics. Modify switches with lube and explore other tweaks to your heart's content. Everything is fair game.

The Hot Dox is designed for every DIY skill level. You can assemble the entire kit without soldering — this is a perfect project for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike. Building and customizing a keyboard yourself is far more rewarding than purchasing a preassembled version.

acrylic and aluminum

The Hot Dox's CNC-machined aluminum plate is comfortably sandwiched in a hex-screw secured acrylic case. This acclaimed combination provides a lightly cushioned typing experience. It also showcases a sleek maker aesthetic.

open source firmware

The ErgoDox 76 Hot Dox runs on QMK — a mainstay in the vibrant mechanical keyboard community's Open Source projects. That means the Hot Dox is fully programmable.


  • 76 key split ergonomic layout
  • DIY kit, no soldering required
  • Hot-swap sockets for easy customization and assembly
  • Open Source firmware — immense customization
  • Acrylic and aluminum case-plate sandwich for comfort and style
  • One (1) year manufacturer warranty against production defects

base components

  • 2 PCBs, left and right
  • Acrylic cases and aluminum plates
  • Screws and screw tool
  • Stabilizers
  • Hot-swap tool
  • Rubber feet
  • USB Cables (Type A to C and Type A to A)


  • Shipping weight: ~1.1 kg