ErgoDox XDA Blank PBT Keycaps

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Blank PBT Keycaps in XDA Profile

These Blank PBT keycaps in XDA profile are designed to fit the Hot Dox and other ErgoDox layout keyboards. Each order comes with 76 keycaps that cover both ErgoDox hands. 

PBT is a superior plastic that strongly resists wear, finger grease, shine, and yellowing. Its wonderful texture is a welcome bonus on any mechanical keyboard. Compare these to ABS plastic, which is a cheaper plastic used to make many keycaps and is known for its sticky to slick feel along with gradual yellowing.

The keycaps are available in Black and White colors. If you are looking for DSA profile keycaps you can get them here. XDA and DSA are both flat profiles with slight differences. Here is a link with pictures that shows the differences visually. Also, here is an article about these profiles on Tested.

Note: The images of the keycaps on the ErgoDox Hot Dox keyboards are DSA profile and are used here to show how the keycaps will cover the board.


  • XDA Profile
  • PBT Plastic
  • Blank (no legends) Keycaps
  • 76 Keycaps
  • Covers ErgoDox Keyboards